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What to do when banks say no

Every month Commercial Lenders run into loan requests that in their mind are “no brainers” but the credit manager declines that loan based on the stringent credit box of the Bank. This is a very common occurrence in many banks around the country, where a commercial banker sees 10 to 15 new loan requests a month with only about 3 or 4 of those getting approved. So what do frustrated Bankers do with the other 8 to 10 loan requests that do not fall within their Bank’s credit box?

For the Business Owner or Real Estate Investor seeking financing; it’s never fun to get the notorious “DECLINE” call from your Banker. As a Banker why not deliver a “NO” with a solution to get the customer to a “YES”! This is a proactive way for the Banker to remain in good favor the customer; while also providing a value-add solution that solves the customers capital needs.

Over the past decade Robert Louis Capital (RLC) has forged relationships with Banks and Bankers across the country to “Create a Better Way” for Bankers to go from a “Decline” to a “YES” while keeping the customer happy. Having closed over $245MM in financing in 2016; RLC continues to be a leading capital advisory firm helping Business Owners and Real Estate Investors secure financing through a network of over 100 lenders and financing partners.

If you are a Banker or Banking Customer looking for a trusted Capital Advisor to help secure a “YES” for loans that have been “Declined” please email or learn more at

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